We offer Reverse Engineering for a full turnkey service. 

Whether you're looking for a replacement part for a classic car restoration project, require digital data for production purposes or need a replacement part producing, we can scan, manipulate, replicate and replace models, component parts or full products. 

Reverse Engineering is used to replicate a model, component or product for which there is no existing prodution data or, conversely, to generate extensive digital data from a phsycial component in order to manipulate or make changes to that product. 

With our state of the art machinery and expert team, our reverse engineering service offers

  • Universal Scanning & Probing for all types of components
  • Universal Scanning & Probing for a wide variety of materials 
  • 3D Digitised Models
  • Extensive digital data
  • Fast Turnaround times
  • Mobile service - we can come to your site if required. 

Follwing the scanning process, we can then use our advanced machinery to produce the required part through 3D Metal Printing. For more information on 3D Sintering, click HERE




  • Seimans
  • Silgan
  • Alstom
  • Hardinge
  • Schlumberger
  • Rolls Royce